Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two airplanes.

Two airplanes are flying across the Atlantic - one from New York to Paris and one from Paris to New York. One is flying at 550 miles per hour and the other at 475, because it is bucking a head wind. Which one will be closer to Paris when they meet? (from A. Salny)


rachel said...

When they meet they will both be at about the same location. If they are on the same path and meet nose to nose the plane leaving Paris would be closer.

Maria said...

Dead on, Rachel!
This is a type of puzzle that is easier to solve for kids than adults. We know too much and try to use all the available information. Here, speed of each plane is given specifically to mislead us.

Feel free to share this with your kids. Mine (5 and 8 year old) loved it!

Peter Mesnik said...

I said this to my daughter Amara when I first saw the question... but then I thought that would be too simple. I have now proven to myself that I am way too old.

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