Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Santa's helpers

Santa Claus found that two elves could pack two stockings in two minutes. How many temporary elves did Santa Claus have to hire to get those stockings packed at the rate of eighteen stockings every six minutes? (from the book by A. Salny)

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Nancy said...

3elves (1per min)= 3stock/min

3stockx6 min +18 stock

Maria said...

Close but wrong.

rachel_t said...

2elves have packing rate of 2/2min

want to pack at rate of:
reduce stockings packed/2min:

numelfpairs(2 stocks/2min)= 6 stocks/2min


6 elves

Maria said...

Great! New puzzle is coming tomorrow.
And it will not require any of the math symbols to be explained or solved :)
Check in the morning.

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