Monday, February 16, 2009

How you would like to die?

An explorer was captured by a tribe whose chief decided that the man should die. The chief was a very logical man and gave the explorer a choice. The explorer was to give a single statement. If it was true, he would be thrown over a high cliff. If it was false, he would be eaten by lions.
What statement did the clever explorer make that forced the chief to let him go? (this puzzle is from P.Sloane)


Amara mesnik said...

Amara says that the explorer should say
"I will be eaten by lions."
If they judge this statement to be false then he will be eaten by lions, therefore making the statement true.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the explorer could also make a statement that is logically impossible in general such as "I am lying about x [a statement of choice, such as] "I am lying about my name." If the explorer is in fact lying, then by his statement he is telling the truth, which would require that he not be lying after all.

Another such statement could be "I never tell the truth." In this case again, if the explorer is lying, then his statement is true.... another logical impossibility.


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